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Founded in October 2002, by professor Joseph Ichkhanian (Casa Beethoven center of music and arts) is a professional school of music and dance that provides a nurturing Environment where our wide range of students may receive the best education. Cultivate their talents and develop their full potential. Our dance institution for ballet and dance has great responsibilities accompany this prominence:


to train fine professional dancers and bring a vital art from to our community. Music or dance, we conduct one on one lessons including how to prepare the body and mind to practice with ease. Understand the effect of posture on flexibility and expressiveness. How to make efficient use of hands and arms. How to employ listening techniques to improve coordination. How to increase the range of color and dynamics by using less effort, cultivate rhythmic vitality and how to perform with confidence, warmth and freedom. Right from novice to the advanced student, each individual is given freedom and space to best develop his or her latent talent; while at the same time building a solid foundation through close supervision guidance. Please contact us and let your creativity bloom.

Professor Joseph Ichkhanian

Professor Joseph Ichkhanian ( 19-2-1931 / 29-3-2016 ) is a Lebanese citizenof Armenian descent that began playing the guitar in 1949 with Professor Vruyr Mazmanian and was subsequently offered a scholarship by the Spanish government as to continue his artistic education and music from 1959 to 1962 at the Conservatory “Royal Academy of Music of Madrid”.He was privileged to have worked with Masters of the classical guitar: a) Regino Sainz de la Maza, who was his professor at the Conservatory of Madrid b) Andres Segovia, international music courses at Saint Jacques de Compostela in Spain, for four consecutive summers, at the end of which a degree of interpretation and technicality was given to him, and c) finally Narciso Yepes, for two years, during which he had the honor of being regarded as his most distinguished disciple, in knowing that learning with these 4 Guitar geniuses is rare.


His guitar studies were crowned by the Higher Diploma handed in 1962 by the Royal Conservatory of Madrid. Subsequently, he attended classes Interpretive Master Alexander Lagoya, at the International Academy of Nice (France) and music lessons at the Chigiana Academy of Siena in Italy. Returning to Lebanon in 1963, Professor Ichkhanian began his career at the “Hispanic Cultural Center”, and later the Musical Youth of Lebanon.


In 1970 and thanks to his efforts, the teaching of the guitar was introduced in the official program of the National Conservatory of Music of Lebanon. Since then, thousands were his students, including 20 guitar teachers currently teaching at the Conservatory graduates. Mr. Jad Hidari, was his first graduate student and also the first professor to be able to deliver qualifications in turn to other students. With him, he introduced the lute at the Conservatory and also founded the Lebanese "Association of Friends of the Guitar".


Dr. Walid Gholmieh, Former Director of the National Conservatory of Music in Lebanon, Professor Ichkhanian characterized as one of the heads of the Lebanese music, creator of the current guitar or the guitar society, with the merit to have generalized this musical instrument on methodical bases, academic and creative. Besides, his teaching career, Professor Ichkhanian continued for over 40 years, a vocation very active soloist and recitalist, both on local and international scenes including Spain, Ireland, where he was invited to participate in the “Guitar Dublin Festival”, in Tunisia, and throughout the Middle East, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Armenia, etc. Moreover, anxious to share his passion for Spanish culture, Professor Ichkhanian brought to Lebanon greatest virtuosos of the guitar in order to present them to the Lebanese public and especially to fans of the guitar. Composer of many musical works, Professor Ichkhanian was also the author of several books, including an Arabic dictionary of musical terms, the first of its kind in the Arab world, in collaboration with Professor Ghassan Khalil. But his most striking is his method of modern guitar, the first bilingual method, published in French and Arabic, and officially adopted exclusively for teaching guitar at the “National Conservatory of Music of Lebanon”. It is even used in schools of music in Lebanon and the Middle East. In 2003, the Ministry of Education of Spain has conferred Professor Ichkhanian the “Medal of the Order of Civil Merit” and in 2011 the Cross of the Official "Order of Isabel la Catolica” in appreciation for services rendered to Spain abroad. In 2012, his Excellency Mr. Gaby Layoun Minister of Culture and Mr. Hanna Al Amil interim Director of the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music in Lebanon, offered a badge of honor and appreciation for his precious contribution to the field of music and culture in Lebanon.


We Offer Classical Ballet, Hip Hop and Hatin\Ballroom Classes

Hip Hop

Classical Ballet



We offer private lessons to accommodate a variety of students needs .we have programs for students interested in technical proficiency and
performance; students who simply want to enjoy and appreciated music; and those students who want to deepen their love for playing and composing
music .our private lessons focus on accommodating individual needs and expectations. The place of lessons is driven by the students ability and
desire to learn.
Typical lesson duration is 30 minutes but 45 minutes to one hour lessons can be requested.
Lessons are once per week, suited to meet the needs of grade or level requirement.

-Each child is matched to an appropriate teacher to ensure that their
first musical experience will be enjoyable.
-We strive to ensure that your child will always have a positive exposure
and appreciation of music
we are serious about our responsibility.
- Annual exam to provide an objective evaluation.
- Over 30 years educating children &enrolled over 35,000 students.
Our private program includes lessons in one of the following:
-Guitar ( Classical ,Acoustic ,Electric ,Bass)
-Woodwinds ( flute ,clarinet ,Saxophone ,Recorder.etc)
-Theory (Private, Group)
-History & Harmon

Our Teachers


-Sarah Ichkhanian
-Ryan Aoun
-Hiba Ramy
-Miled Khadra


-Nada Helayel
-Carol Chalhoub
-Thalia Ichkhanian
-Sarah Saad


-Loubna Lakkis
-Gaelle Farah


-Julien Akiki

Solfegio and Vocalise

-Elie Khawand


-Mila Botrous
-Clara Habib

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